Café Corella Premium Bean

It took 3 months and endless taste sessions to find our finest premium bean coffee.

Corella is a small village in the province of Florence in the heart of the Tuscan countryside famed the world over for some of the finest Italian coffees.

Good beans make good coffee, it’s that simple.  But to make great coffee it takes a master to blend and roast the beans properly.

Italian coffees use mainly the Arabica variety of coffee bean, known for its full flavour and low caffeine content.

However, depending upon the region and particular tastes, the stronger and caffeine-rich Robusta beans are blended with Arabica.

The blends of the south tend to have more Robusta content in their blends which makes for a stronger espresso and a larger crème.

Cafe Corella beans use the influences of the south to give the authentic rich Italian espresso.

Cafe Corella captures the true taste and flavour of Italian coffee and is blended and roasted to deliver these flavours through, not only traditional espresso equipment, but it also works perfectly with office coffee machines.

The range includes:

Whole bean Espresso & Fairtrade
Freshbrew Filter Regular & Fairtrade
Filter Sachets Regular & Fairtrade