Café Nueva Intenso

Cafe Nueva Intenso is an excellent quality 100% Columbian freeze dried coffee. Made from the finest beans it is suitable for use in our instant machines.

It has a well- rounded body, finishing with sweet caramel notes making it a perfect match for those who desire the coffee shop experience at the office.  Pure, ethical, aromatic and smooth this superb quality coffee is also triple certified.

Rainforest Alliance supports sustainable farming and protection of the environment. Fairtrade is about working with developing countries for better prices, decent working conditions and local sustainability.

Organic Farmers and Growers encourage methods of food production and farming to be kinder on the environment, animal welfare and healthier for humans to consume. Product is hermetically sealed to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.

Product Information

Description: Freeze Dried Coffee

Pack Size: 10 x 300g