Why Café Neuva

After much deliberation, research and countless tasting sessions, the Café Nueva range of freeze dried coffee was chosen by ourselves at the Coffee Office.

Each and every time the Café Nueva range came out on top, even over better known brands. We found this is due to the pure and simple approach they have to the right blends, contemporary and modern presentation and the unique range of ethical and Fairtrade certificates under one brand.

Their simple ethos behind the coffee is to provide perfect quality and style to rival other brands at a lower cost to the consumer.

The freeze dried product comes in east to open, pour and reseal pouch packs, making topping up the coffee machine a perfectly straightforward process.

The pouch isn’t just a gimmick it reduces waste of the most expensive vending machine ingredients. Simply use the easy pour neck, expel the air and reseal for great tasting instant coffee.

Café Nueva is triple certified and offers exceptional levels of Fairtrade and ethical certification from The Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and Organic Growers. Rainforest Alliance Certified farms means that they have complied with the standards set in place by the SAN (Sustainable Agriculture Network) and include conservation of the ecosystem, protection of wildlife and the fair treatment and better working conditions for the workers. Fairtrade sets fair standards to empower disadvantaged producers in developing countries.

Organic Farmers and Growers encourage methods of food production and farming to be kinder to the environment, animal welfare and healthier for humans to consume.