PG Tips Tea

Tea is the second most consumed drink in the UK, only after water. Here at the Coffee Office, we simply won’t compromise when it comes to the best-tasting drinks. That’s why we decided to sell a brand with a household name everybody enjoys and trusts in our machines.

PG Tips are also the first major UK brand of tea that is fully Rainforest Alliance Certified so not only does it taste great they use sustainable farming methods and invest in keeping a happy and healthy environment. Recently, PG tips have reduced their waste in landfills from tea bags, by 1000 tonnes a year!

Here at the Coffee Office we do our homework on all products that we have to offer. Therefore, when we did our research on PG tips black tea we were surprised to learn that not only did it taste great it has health benefits too. It is high in antioxidants, low in calories and drinking Black tea keeps us hydrated, so it’s a delicious guilt free cuppa anytime of the day.

PG Tips

Available in:

PG Tips Tagged Teabags, PG Tips Freeze Dried tea, PG Tips 1150 Pyramid and PG Tips Enveloped Tea Bags

Packaging:   Foil packed for freshness

Storage:   Store in a cool dry place away from strong smell sources

Shelf Life:   18 months

Ingredients:   Black tea (100%)

Nutrition Information:  There are no allergens in tea.



No MSG (monosodium glutamate) added

No artificial colours

No added artificial preservatives

No artificial flavourings


Dietary Information:


Gluten Free

Suitable for Vegans


Suitable for Vegetarians