Our Coffee

Here at the Coffee Office, we can trace our coffee beans back to the individual farms and cooperatives. We’ve spent a painstaking amount of hours testing many of the UK’s finest imported beans. We can supply a range of coffee to suit your needs ranging from light to dark roasts with exquisite Arabica’s or great tasting Arabica & Robusta blends. We supply all the popular brands from Lavazza, Kenco, Café Nueva & Café Corrella along with Rainforest Alliance & Fairtrade Coffee’s. We can help you find your perfect tasting cup of coffee.

Our full time Barista has taste tested many different blends of coffee beans and our beans are amongst the freshest in the UK

Why do our beans taste so good?

We have an exclusive priority agreement with our importer and we’ve been granted access to the “small batch roasts”.  The secret to great coffee is avoiding the large batch commercial roasts.

This exclusive agreement allows us to purchase the best coffee beans. That’s one of the secrets why coffee, from the Coffee Office, tastes so good.

The other secret is in the blend. The finest coffee is a blend of two, three of four very different beans.

Why would you blend coffee beans?

Have you ever sipped a Costa Rican coffee but wished that it had just a little more body and depth to it? Do you love the deep, rich notes of a traditional Sulawesi but miss the bright citrus acidity taste of Kenyan coffee? When you blend single-origin coffees together, you can tailor the cup to precisely match your preferences by choosing coffees that complement and enhance each other.

So which blends do we use? Only the finest.

Interested in further information about our coffee? Why not contact one of our friendly team for further information.