Our Story

We are no different now than when we both first met back in July 2000. One being fresh out of Uni and the other came straight from the airline industry. Since then our experiences  in business taught us one simple ethos – “keep each and every client happy, earn complete trust from the outset and the rest will simply fall into place”. Our whole business ethos is just that, it’s based on delivering a local service which is unparalleled by ordinary national coffee machine suppliers.

Life started out for us no different from you. We needed great tasting coffee at our office and hitting that spot with takeaway coffees was proving time consuming and too expensive. We were running a busy office water cooler company and our staff craved for the perfect cup of coffee.

Buying our coffee fix from the local café/coffee shop worked for a while but it was too expensive and the coffee was cold by the time it reached our desk.

Just like you now, we needed Cappuccinos, we needed Flat Whites and we loved Latte’s… That’s the truth right there in a nutshell (or rather a coffee bean). We had the same problem as many growing companies across the U.K. We wanted coffee shop coffee, at the touch of a button and a fraction of the cost and we didn’t want to leave the office to get it.

We know how expensive great tasting coffee can be. We already had fully qualified team of great people and we were in the perfect position to provide a cost effective solution.

We know first hand how time consuming it is to run a successful business so we wanted you to do the absolute minimum – make a phone call, order coffee, push a button & take a drink.

We already had a great team of people delivering drinks solutions all over the UK so coffee seemed like the natural progression. It was our ‘lightbulb’ moment.

We solved our own office coffee problem and saved a small fortune in the process and we have the perfect chance to help you solve yours.

…………………..and that’s how The Coffee Office was born.