Bravilor Sego 12

Introducing our Bravilor Sego 12 Coffee Machine.

This unit is equipped with up to 30 beverage choices, it’s a fully automatic espresso machine which can provide barista style coffee to the same quality as you would expect in a high street coffee shop.

It’s easy to navigate interface allows the user to adapt each drink to exacting specification. Coffee lovers can choose between consistency of grind, contact time, pre-wetting, coffee to water ratio and also the cup size.

All speciality coffees are made using freshly ground coffee beans provided by the Coffee Office.

Bravilor Sego 12 Coffee Machine

The perfect specialty coffee starts with an exquisitely made espresso. At the Coffee Office we choose the best machines for our customers and the Bravilor Sego 12 is made from durable, strong materials.

The stainless steel grinder and disks grind the coffee beans flawlessly to suit your specifications. After the coffee has been ground the unique rotational brewer extracts the coffee to optimise your taste experience.

Try the Bravilor Sego 12 today. Call one of our team and ask for a demonstration. Start drinking great tasting coffee in the comfort of your own office.

The Sego 12 has a small footprint and is an ideal choice perfect for offices with a limited amount of counter space, perfect for coffee shops and waiting rooms. Equipped with one bean canister and two instant canisters the range of drinks include Coffee Cremé, Café au Lait, Cappuccino, Espresso, Espreschoc Americano, Latte Macchiato, Moccachino, Hot Chocolate, Hot Chocolate Deluxe and hot water for teas and soups.

The Sego 12 has an ultra-modern, touchscreen interface providing easy to follow step by step instructions for activities such as descaling, brewer cleaning and even when the waste bin needs emptying. The unique hot water system helps to minimise lime-scale build-up. A built in counter notifies the user when new de-scale filters are required, extending the useful life of this machine.

Product features:

  • Plumbed directly to the mains water supply
  • Easy, quick installation
  • Bean-to-cup: Brewed with fresh coffee beans
  • Menu with up to 30 drinks choices
  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • Unique rotational brewer that is easy to remove and clean
  • Anti-finger coating, ensuring fingerprints are a thing of the past

Technical Specification:

Capacity bean canister: 1x 1.2kg

Capacity instant canister: 2x 1.3L

Throughput per hour:

  • Espresso: 120-150 cups
  • Coffee crema: 80-100 cups
  • Instant: approx. 240cups


Rated power: 230V~50/50Hz 2250W

Tap height: 106mm

Water supply: Yes

Water pressure: Min. 1 bar

Dimensions (mm):

Width: 310

Depth: 464

Height: 588