Coffetek Vitro S4 Fresh Brew Tea

The Coffetek Vitro S4 Fresh Brew Tea is a compact and fast soluble machine featuring Coffee, Chocolate, Milk and Tea as standard and can substitute sugar or other soluble products. Perfect for the larger office it provides up to 300 cups per day of consistently perfect drinks with 7 product selections.

The Vitro S4 Fresh Brew Tea has enhanced product capacity combined with leaf tea technology, it’s a complete beverage one stop solution.

The Vitro S4 Fresh Brew Tea comprises of smoked glass, an angular design with a chrome finish and provides a striking, contemporary feel. The patented touch screen user interface with large drink button icons is similar to many consumer devices.

With advanced features such as USB interface, timed activities and with its flexible drink programmes, this really is a great drinks system. Vitro’s smoked glass door and touch screen user interface displays a realistic and elegant menu, providing a state of the art look which will complement any location.

Up to 7 product selections: Espresso, Black Coffee, Black Tea, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Caffe Latte and Mocha. Also Dispenses hot water.

All our coffee machines include a full package. We offer a suitable water filter for your area and comprehensive staff training is given on installation. Give us a call on 01925 444 735 for more help and information.


Technical Specification:

Number of Soluble Cannisters: 4

Number of Drink Choices: up to 16

Number of Drinks Per Hour: 240

Available in Mains-Fed

Leaf Tea:         1646g / 660cups
Instant Coffee: 600g / 375cups
Powered Milk: 2470g / 620cups
Chocolate:       2470g / 123cups
Sugar:              1950g /325cups


Dimensions (mm):

Height: 870mm

Width: 420mm

Depth: 550mm

Weight: 40kg