Bravilor Bolero XL423

The Coffee Office is proud to offer the Bravilor Bolero XL 423, a fast and efficient hot drinks dispenser.

The Bravilor Bonamat Bolero XL 423 Beverage machine provides rapid dispensing of up to 9 different drinks options these being Coffee, Coffee Crème, Espresso, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Coffee with Milk, Mochaccino, Double Espresso and Hot Water at the simple touch of a button.

Incredibly easy to fill and maintain, the Bravilor Bolero XL 423 is ideally placed in busy self-service areas in hotels, service stations and waiting areas producing 240 cups per hour.

This Bolero machine produces a fantastic drink. The picture attached on this page is an example of an Espresso which was produced form one of these machines.

This machine also benefits from total and daily dispensing counters to help keep control of costs and usage. Available in metallic grey or white

Product features

  • Capacity per hour: 30 Litres
  • Material: stainless steel, plastic
  • Output: 240 beverages/hr
  • Power Type: 13A
  • Programmable for different cup/mug sizes and strength of beverage required
  • Refill using dry instant ingredients of your choice
  • 9 different drink options at the touch of a button plus hot water tap
  • Programmable serving by cup, mug or decanter
  • Descale and rinse program
  • A+ energy rating
  • Unique mixing unit ensures excellent ingredient flow
  • Closable canister outlet
  • Drip tray full warning
  • Total and daily counters
  • Energy saving mode

Conforms to CE, RoHS & WEEE standards


All our coffee machines include a full package. We offer a suitable water filter for your area and comprehensive staff training is given on installation. Give us a call on 01925 444 735 for more help.

Technical Specification
4 transparent canisters (1.3Ltr capacity each)
Drink choices: Coffee, Coffee Crème, Espresso, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Coffee with Milk,         Mochaccino, Double Espresso and Hot Water

Minimum 1 bar pressure
Number of Drinks Per Hour: Output 240 cups approx. Output 30Ltr approx.
Rating power: 230V~ 50/60Hz: 2230W, Power Type 10A


Dimensions (mm)

Height: 574mm

Width: 316mm

Depth: 455mm

Weight: 15.3kg